A wonderful beginning!

Our event is just begun but I feel the urge to share my gratitude with you.

It’s so wonderful to see how a good cause can really move so many people and create a beautiful team work.

  • STAFF: I’m touched by the hard work and passion that you put in this project. What you did in these days was incredible, and I feel so lucky to have you by my side in this project. I have the best team to work with and I’m honestly grateful for everything you did and keep doing.
  • DESIGNERS: The creativity and care you put in the exclusive items for Ashraya is amazing. I thank you so much for accepting to be part of this event, your generosity is precious. Thank you also for being kind, patient and adaptable rezzing your stores in a short time.
  • BLOGGERS: Your pictures and blog posts are absolutely wonderful. You amaze me every day when I look at all your beautiful blogs and I thank you for your committment in this project. You are inspiring many people to visit the event and buy the items. Thank you very much.
  • SPONSORS: What would be an event without promotion? Nothing. That’s why I want to thank you for your help to advertise The Ashraya Project: this is essential for us and we are happy for the beautiful advertising campaign you are doing.
  • BONAIRE ESTATES: A special thanks to Bonaire Estates for their generous offer of two sims to host the event. This is an irreplaceable donation and I’m extremely grateful.
  • SUPPORTERS, SHOPPERS AND VISITORS: Thank you for visiting The Ashraya Project. This event is a team effort and we need YOU to succeed in our fundraise.

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